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Local Soccer Clubs Build on Existing Partnership

Baton Rouge Soccer Club – Zachary Campus formed

Baton Rouge Soccer Club (BRSC) and Zachary Area Soccer Association (ZASA) have taken another big step in building on their partnership by having all ages and levels of ZASA players register with BRSC.

The two organizations will combine each other’s resources to continue the growth of soccer in the Zachary area.  Baton Rouge Soccer will help provide coaching education, infrastructure, player development, additional program options and marketing support to ZASA.

Starting in the fall of 2014, all ZASA players from age five to nine will register with BRSC and participate in programming in Zachary.  These younger teams will still play their matches at the Flanacher Road Complex, and will be the start of Baton Rouge Soccer Club – Zachary Campus. 

All ZASA players from ages nine and above will register with BRSC, and participate in programming at Burbank, Independence, and Flanacher Parks.  This process will give older ZASA players the opportunity to choose a variety of program options provided by BRSC including Recreational, Academy, and Competitive levels of play.

“The primary mission of Baton Rouge Soccer is to provide a quality soccer experience to all members by offering players the option to play at the level most appropriate for their skill and commitment levels,” said Bo Cassidy, BRSC Executive Director.  “We are super excited to be able to provide the same opportunities to those who live in the Zachary community!”

“ZASA has done a tremendous job growing and promoting soccer in their community, and with the addition of our professional staff and experience, we know we can help further develop and enhance the programming offered by their organization,” said Cassidy. 

“ZASA is very excited about our partnership with BRSC,” said Brian Dubee, ZASA Vice-President of Operations.  “Over the past 11 years we have seen the game of soccer grow in our community and want to be able to take it to the next level.  This partnership will allow our soccer community to be able to get to that next level and beyond.  We know it is a win-win for both clubs and communities.”                                                                                 

Josh McReynolds, a Zachary native, has been named Director of the BRSC – Zachary Campus. Having grown up playing soccer in the Zachary community, McReynolds brings a unique perspective and commitment to helping grow soccer in Zachary. “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be so involved in the community where I grew up playing soccer. Soccer in Zachary has grown tremendously since when I was involved as a youth player and I look forward to helping it grow even further through the BRSC – Zachary Campus,” said McReynolds.

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