Zybko to participate in 2017 ​Generation Adidas Select Program

by BR Soccer | Jun 16, 2017

This year Baton Rouge Soccer Club is proud to announce that Delaney Zybko has been selected for one of the 32 spots for the generation adidas international Olympique Lyonnais Select Program.

Each year the top adidas youth soccer clubs nationwide have the exclusive opportunity to nominate players and coaches to participate in the generation adidas international Select program. 96 talented players have been invited to train this August at Real Madrid Foundation, A.F.C. Ajax, and Olympique Lyonnais - three of the world’s most powerful soccer clubs.

Zybko is 15 years old and plays for Baton Rouge Soccer Club. Despite moving many times in the past five years, she has excelled with every top team in her area. Traveling internationally to play soccer has been her lifelong dream, and her goal is to play professionally in Europe after college. She is excited for the higher level of play during the program. For a more detailed player profile, see her SoccerScout profile.

"After having participated in such a program, it will help my future soccer career by having college coaches see that I can compete at an international level" - Delaney Zybko (Forward)

Olympique Lyonnais’ multitude of trophies include 15 Division 1 Féminine titles, 9 Coupe de France Féminine titles, and 3 Women’s Champion’s League titles. In addition to being trained by Olympique Lyonnais academy coaches, Zybko will play in international friendly matches against Academy teams and receive individual evaluation from Olympique Lyonnais Academy coaches - an opportunity presented to very few American players. 

About generation adidas international: As part of the expanded generation adidas grassroots platform, generation adidas international emphasizes adidas’ role as the premier provider of elite developmental opportunities to U.S. clubs. With generation adidas international’s incomparable access to the world’s top academies and tournaments, adidas clubs have the opportunity to train and play at the sport’s most renowned institutions. With generation adidas international, the world of adidas soccer opens its doors. Where will you play?

generation adidas international Select program
generation adidas international Select program
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