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United Cup Update for Sunday, 10/7

by Kay Briggs | Oct 06, 2018

United Cup Teams- below you will find the revised schedule for Sunday, October 7 (that includes the 2nd round of games from Saturday, Oct. 6). In order to deliver the entire tournament, we will have to adjust All GAMES for ALL Age groups to 20 min halves (5 min half time). Although this will not be perfect is our best effort to complete the tournament. 

Also, in an effort to alleviate traffic issues Burbank will go back to the normal entry and exits.

Sunday, October 7

7:30am (All games from Saturday at 1:00pm- same fields)

8:45am (All games from Saturday at 3:00pm- same fields)

10:00am (All games from Saturday at 5:00pm- same fields)

11:15am (All Sunday games originally scheduled at 8:00am- same fields)

12:30pm (All Sunday games originally scheduled at 9:45am)

1:45pm (All Sunday games originally scheduled at 11:45am)

3:00pm (All Sunday games originally scheduled at 1:00pm)

4:15pm (All Sunday games originally scheduled at 3:30pm)

* Festival Games (20 min halves)

1:45pm (originally scheduled at 11:45am)

3:00pm (originally scheduled at 1:00pm)

4:15pm (originally scheduled at 2:15pm)

5:30pm (originally scheduled at 3:30pm)

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