The BRSC Friday Night Finishing is designed to develop and enhance the technique of each individual player at a very young age. Our curriculum is open to 7-to-13 year olds, will train on Friday evenings and has a six-part component comprised of the following:

  1. Ball Mastery on Goal:  Technique with different surfaces, proper follow through and body shape as well as the art of creating and finishing goal scoring chances.
  2. Passing and receiving:  The art of technical passing in order to set up goal scoring chances.  
  3. Moves (1vs.1): exercises which teach the moves that can create space against any defense.
  4. Speed, Agility and Coordination: focus will be on acceleration, running with and without the ball as well as change of pace.
  5. Finishing: game play and exercises that teach techniques for finishing as well as nurturing instinctive play.
  6. Group Play: games and exercises that improve small-group combination play.
This program is fast and fun because and it addresses the game of soccer at the ground floor and the sessions hits what all players love to do, score goals!!!

Friday Night Finishing does not take the place of players regularly scheduled team training sessions, it just gives the technical training and overall insight into the art of creating and scoring goals!

Please contact the BRSC office if you have any questions (225) 924.2157.

2013 Spring Dates, Times, Locations: 6:00-7:15 p.m.

Cost:  $130 for 8 Friday Sessions

Burbank #20 or #21  

February:  14 & 21               March    7, 21, & 28               April 4, 11,  & 18, 

(Make up dates will be April 25th )

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