-Recreational is a youth-program in BRSC that requires no previous experience and has age groups from Under-5 through Under-19, and are designed to accommodate youths of all skill levels - from beginners at any age up to gifted competitors.
-Recreational Coaches are volunteer coaches and are usually parents of players.
Costs, game format, ball size by age group can be found under the Recreation tab.
Recreational FAQ's

When do the seasons run?
-There are two seasons to a playing year, Fall and Spring. 
The Fall games will usually begin the weekend after Labor Day, and there are 8 games to the Fall season. 
The Spring games will usually begin the second week of February, and there are 8 games to the Spring season. 

When is registration?
-Registration for the Fall season will open in early July.
 Registration for the Spring season will open in early January.
 *If you want to register for the Full Year select BOTH SEASONS when registering in the fall.

-Players can make requests through registration to be placed on a team with friends, by school, coach, or close to where you live.  BRSC will make every attempt to accommodate these requests. 

 -All games will be played at the beautiful BREC Burbank Soccer Complex
A map of the complex and physical address can be found under the large red FIELD tab at the top right of the website.

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