-Recreational is a youth-program in BRSC that requires no previous experience and has age groups from Under-5 through Under-19, and are designed to accommodate youths of all skill levels - from beginners at any age up to gifted competitors.
-Recreational Coaches are volunteer coaches and are usually parents of players.
-Recreation coaches are volunteers and usually parents of players.
 Costs, game format, ball size by age group can be found under the Recreation tab (under Recreational FAQ's).
-There are two seasons to a playing year, Fall and Spring.  The Fall games will usually begin the weekend after Labor Day.  There are 8 games to the Fall season.  The Spring games will usually begin the second week of February.  There are 8 games to the Spring season. 
-Registration for the Fall season will open in early July.  Registration for the Spring season will open in early January.  *If you want to register for both seasons select FULL YEAR when registering.
-Players can make requests through registration to be placed on a team with friends, by school, coach, or close to where you live.  BRSC will make every attempt to accommodate these requests. 
-All games will be played at Burbank Soccer Complex.  

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