Baton Rouge Soccer Club's Recreational program is designed for youth players in the Baton Rouge area and requires no previous playing experience. With age groups ranging from Pre-K through 12th grade, this program is designed to accommodate youths of all skill levels. We have 4 different campuses to allow us to serve members in their communities. For specific information about your child's campus please select from the following options:


All age groups play 8 games per season, but are formatted differently depending on your campus and age group. Pre-K through 6th grade teams play all in an in-house league at one of our 4 campuses. All 7th grade and older teams will play in a Metro League comprised of teams from BRSC and other clubs in the greater Baton Rouge area, with the majority of games being played at Burbank.


Important Dates:

August 19th - Early Bird Discount Ends
August 26th - Online Registration Closes
August 31th - Recreational Coaches Meeting (Baton Rouge and Central)
September 1st - Recreational Coaches Meeting (Zachary)
September 10th - Recreational Metro League Season Begins (7th Grade and older)
September 15th - Central Campus Pre-K - 2nd Grade Season Begins
September 15th - Zachary Campus Pre-K - 4th Grade Season Begins
September 17th
 - Independence Pre-K - Kindergarten Season Begins
September 17th - Burbank Pre-K - 6th Grade Season Begins
October 23rd - Recreational Metro League Season Ends
October 29th - Recreational Festival Pre-K - 6th at Burbank
November 6th - Recreational Pre-K - 6th Grade Season Ends

Coaches in the Recreational program are volunteer coaches and are usually parents of players. If you are interested in starting a team please click here. For more information about coaching your child's team please contact our Recreational Director, Josh McReynolds via email by clicking here.

For our Information Charts which lists game format, recommended team size, ball size, and game days by age group, and prices please click here.

For a full list of Frequently Asked Questions please click
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